About JOSHConnect

About JOSHConnect

JOSHConnect has emerged from Charity Group named JOSH – Joy of Serving Humanity

JOSH – 'Joy of Serving Humanity' is a consortium of spirited, young and likeminded people who aim at making a substantial difference to the underprivileged sections of the society through persistent efforts. The group is an amalgam of individuals coming from diverse professional, cultural, ethnic and religious backgrounds from all over the globe. The group was initiated leveraging social media technology which has an amazing reach, to connect people who are passionate about serving the society within their financial and time constraints.

JOSH provided an ideal platform for people who want to serve humanity when still young and do not consider retirement a necessary condition for giving back to the society. Since members of the group are in various geographic locations, the group functions by using technology to brainstorm and discuss ideas. Opinions and participation by all group members is always encouraged and all decisions are taken by voting. Unanimous decisions are transformed into actionable plans and implemented effectively by local members.

Why JOSHConnect

JOSHConnect is a material donation platform that allows you to support a cause of your choice from various NGO’s that have been scrutinised for transparency & credibility.

JOSH raises funds against requirements called out by NGOs and fulfils these requirements. We now feel the need of an online platform to expand this for greater good. This online platform would connect NGOs who have requirements with donors and bring transparency in the process. This platform also helps donors choose who they would like to help based on their personal choice.

We do not raise funds for the requirements which makes it the most trustworthy donation platform. We help YOU donate the materials directly to the beneficiary.

We tell you exactly where your donated item(s) went and you will hear from the recipient through a feedback mechanism.

How to donate
How to donate

How JOSHConnect Works

JOSHConnect is a not for profit platform and the amount you pay would go to donate for the requirement of your choice, as against the average of 60% for the NGO sector and 80-90% by other crowdfunding platforms.

We have reviewed many non-profit organisations across India to identify the key NGOs that meet the JOSHConnect listing criteria. They work for causes ranging from child welfare and education to disability, poverty, and women's empowerment to name a few.

JOSHConnect is managed by this small team of professionals who are associated with big corporates but also want to give back to the society by building this platform.

www.joshconnect.org is the official website of 'JOSHConnect Foundation' which was conceptualised in Febraury 2017. JOSHConnect Foundation is registered as a Trust under 'Bombay Public Trust Act and Rules of 1950' on Sept. 29 2018 ( Reg No. E- 8282) in Pune Maharashtra.

Why Donate Through JOSHConnect ?

  • Donate IN KIND - JOSHConnect allows to donate only IN KIND directly to beneficiaries.
  • Multiple Causes - Supporting IN KIND basic needs of underprivileged, across the Country.
  • Ease of Donation - Donate in few simple clicks.
  • Credible - Donate with confidence as JOSHConnect team strives hard to make sure every item donated is procured at much lower price than MRP without compromising on quality.
  • Tracking - JOSHConnect organizes delivery of donated Items which can be tracked online. Post delivery, feedback is provided to all donors, with Picture(s) and Video(s).
  • Transparency - Platform is 100% Transparent where all details about the need, items donated and beneficiaries are shared with donors.

Impact Report

JOSHConnect has delivered all basic needs including Groceries, Education Materials, Clothing, Toys, Livelihood Equipment, Health and Hygiene Products to various cities across India with the help of Volunteers and Trusted partner NGOs using this platform since 2018.

During COVID-19 pandemic of 2020 and various floods across states, thousands of donors confidently used the platform to help people with disaster relief material. Join JOSHConnect and experience the Biggest Happiness of Helping Others in Need.