FAQ's for Donors.

What is JOSHConnect ?
JOSHConnect is a online material donation platform that allows you to donate and support a cause of your choice from several NGO’s that have been scrutinised by us.
How can one donate with JOSHConnect?
Transparency is key.
JOSHConnect brings you the requirements from NGOs registered with us. You can donate the required items and they will be delivered to the beneficiary. For each required item JOSHConnect hand picks vendors who can provide quality products.
How is JOSHConnect different from regular e-commerce sites?
Regular e-commerce sites allow you to buy for self, but JOSHConnect is the place where you can buy (donate) only for the needy from the listed requirements and deliver directly to the beneficiary. Since it’s a material donation platform, JOSHConnect assures the best quality and most out of your donation.
Do the donated items reach the beneficiary directly?
Is it safe?
Yes JOSHConnect works on 100% transparency. Both NGO and Vendors are scrutinized for transparency and credibility. We assure you guaranteed delivery of your donation to the beneficiary.
Do I need to pick a minimum quantity of an item to complete by donation?
Yes. Minimum donation quantity is based on the item.
Is my donation sent to the vendor immediately for fulfilment?
It depends on the item you donated. To get the best price discount and to avail the shipping benefits, each vendor has a certain minimum quantity to be deliverd. If your donation does not reach the vendor minimum quantity requirement then we will wait for other donors to donate for same requirement. If the minimum donation is not reached within 2 weeks then we will notify you and you can either request for a refund by responding to our email and we guarantee to refund you 100% in this case or choose to wait further until more donors join you for the item.
How many days does it take to get the product(s) delivered to the beneficiery?
It may take somewhere between one to three weeks depending on the location of the vendor and beneficiery. But the item requirement timeframe will be always considered to make sure it is delivered as per the urgency of the need.
Does JOSHConnect handle returns?
JOSHConnect vendors are scrutinized for complete transparency and credibility, so that the need of return don’t arise. But if in any special case, where the beneficiary has not received the item as expected, then JOSHConnect will intervene as needed and resolve the issue.
How does JOSHConnect ensure that my donations have reached?
JOSHConnect would send notifications on progress of your donation. You may also check status of your donation on "My Donations" once you login to your account.
How will I know that the item(s) I am donating are used for the right cause?
On receipt of the item, NGO will share feedback on how the item(s) is/are being used, preferably supported with a picture or a video which will be shared with you.
Can I get the tax benefit under Section 80G for donation of items?
Yes. JOSHConnect provides 80G certificates for the donations made.
How does JOSHConnect cover their operational expenses? Does it charge NGO a fee for it ?
JOSHConnect is FREE for NGO and Donors. We procure the items from the wholesaler or the manufacturing unit directly to get the best bulk discount compared to MRP. JOSHConnect keeps a small percentage 5-10%, of this total bulk discount which could be in between 20-40% (depending on the item), for operational expenses. This gives the donor an opportunity to donate the item at much lower price than the retail price. JOSHConnect works hard to get most out of donors hard earned money, by getting bulk discounts from Manufacturers or Wholesalers.

These charges of 5-10% help us cover most (but not all) of our operating costs, thus helping us get closer to self-sustainability, so that we can continue providing you the support to make your donations to trusted NGOs / beneficiaries. Currently JOSHConnect site operates on funds from the initiators, for operational expenses but hope to reach self-sustainability soon.

We would also like to inform you that 5-10% charges are still much lower than many other top crowd funding sites available today. This minimum amount help us do the following :
  • Running this technology platform
  • Payment Gateway fees
  • Providing support to donors and NGOs
  • Investing in resources to find out the most needy NGO’s/Beneficiaries
  • NGO due diligence/ assurance
  • Finding the best Manufacturers / wholesalers for the Item needed
  • Ensuring the timely and smooth delivery of items
  • Sharing the timely feedback with the donors post delivery and maintaining a relationship with them
We are able to keep our costs relatively low, thanks to a highly committed team that works at a zero value of their "market rates", a large band of very dedicated volunteers and our deep belief in the need to keep ourselves as "thin" an organization as possible.

We look forward to your continued and strong support in our endeavour to get more and more people to give back to society and to support the wonderful work of the organisations listed on our website, while keeping ourselves as thin, transparent, efficient and professional as possible. We need your help in strengthening the culture of "giving", and in providing opportunities to the less fortunate in an India where the gaps continue to widen at a frightening pace.

FAQ's for Non Profit Organizations.

What documents do NGOs need to submit for due diligence?
All NGOs must at least share the following documents with JOSHConnect:
  • Incorporation Document/Registration Certificate/Trust Deed/Society Seed (mandatory)
  • PAN Card Copy (mandatory)
  • 80G Registration Certificate (if applicable)
  • Bank Account Information for Indian donations (mandatory)
  • CRA Certificate and Bank details (if applicable)
  • Undertaking (mandatory)
How do NGOs send these documents?
NGOs can email documents to our registered email address support@joshconnect.org.
Do NGO need to pay a minimum fees to register with us?
Currently the platform is free for NGO’s to use. They do not need to pay any registration fees.
Do NGO need to share the feedback report of the items donated?
Yes, NGO need to share the feedback report, after receipt of item, preferably with a picture or video which will be shared with donor(s).

FAQ's for Members.

Can I start my own Campaign for free on JOSHConnect Platform to support the underprivileged around me with basic needs. If Yes, then how can I use it ?
Yes, you can use the platform to run a Campaign as an Individual or on-behalf of your Organization, for underprivileged using "Start a free Campaign" tab on Home page. You need to follow the below process to do the same.:
  • Register as Member to post your requirement(s).
  • JOSHConnect Foundation approves your requirement(s) after doing the due diligence, including the logistics required to deliver the item(s) to beneficiary.
  • Post approval, your campaign will start on this platform to receive support from Family, Friends and even Strangers across the world.

Why Donate Through JOSHConnect ?

  • Donate IN KIND - JOSHConnect allows to donate only IN KIND directly to beneficiaries.
  • Multiple Causes - Supporting IN KIND basic needs of underprivileged, across the Country.
  • Ease of Donation - Donate in few simple clicks.
  • Credible - Donate with confidence as JOSHConnect team strives hard to make sure every item donated is procured at much lower price than MRP without compromising on quality.
  • Tracking - JOSHConnect organizes delivery of donated Items which can be tracked online. Post delivery, feedback is provided to all donors, with Picture(s) and Video(s).
  • Transparency - Platform is 100% Transparent where all details about the need, items donated and beneficiaries are shared with donors.

Impact Report

JOSHConnect has delivered all basic needs including Groceries, Education Materials, Clothing, Toys, Livelihood Equipment, Health and Hygiene Products to various cities across India with the help of Volunteers and Trusted partner NGOs using this platform since 2018.

During COVID-19 pandemic of 2020 and various floods across states, thousands of donors confidently used the platform to help people with disaster relief material. Join JOSHConnect and experience the Biggest Happiness of Helping Others in Need.